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This page is for our international partners.

my schoolmate and US manager Rainer

This page is for you, to see something more about our business, we did collect pictures and texts from our other webs (news- pages) onto this page and the following pages.


For any requests :


  • RDE German Headquarters : + 49 611 502051

Sept 2000 - The beginning of US imports.

We did register at ebay in the US as "dernachtwerker". Then we did start in Rainer´s garage (like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates - haha) in Fairfield / California in early 2001. - See Rainer on the right.

April 2003 (the next step)

We got in trouble with Rainers wife. The garage was full of boxes and parcels. There was no more space for the cars. That was the need, to move out. RDE´s first US warehouse in Sacramento shows two big boxes well packed and filled with many fine units ready for shipment to Germany. This time we did get 4 Ascend MAX 6000 and a lot of Cisco modules, some Bay Networks Centillions and other nice Fore / Marconi switches.

On the this picture, you see our RDE corner for our consolidated shiments from our current warehouse in Sacramento in California. Here Rainer did repack all items onto pallets for airshipment to Germany.

Dec. 2003 (like Chrismas - all did arrive well)

All items did arrive well, more than a ton of equipment on five pallets. This was one of our biggest shipments up to now.


We did expand our product line to high tech DLT tape libraries from Compaq, Quantum and HP. The experience with three years old units is really impressive. There is a German web fully German explaining all features of DLT and its use here : (but its fully German).

Nov. 2003 (growing big)

As written earlier in our news, we are setting up a stock of Ascend and other high tech spareparts and routers for the EMEA (European and Middle East and African) market.

Here you have a view into our new and bigger US warehouse in San Francisco close to the airport, collecting all our goods from the North American market on one place. We are shipping per month to Frankfurt / Germany. So we are able to help even in urgent situations.

But pls dont ask to ship something back to the US, this makes sense in very few cases only. Furthermore we are not engaged in T1 and T3 environments. Please ask for US experts, we have a couple on file.

Feb. 2004 - very big

Busines grows sligtly and we did receive another large shipment with 1.6 tons of heavy high tech equipment. This time we got 36 Compaq 19" servers and a lot of DLT drives and libraries. To explain the opportunities of these professional Compaq servers, another new fully German web was established.


For our tests and our lab we did buy some more MAX 3000 T1 and some MAX 6000 with VOIP.

Mar. 2004

Step by step we get all models (sometimes really strange models) of MAXen in our lab. The "UTI International Airfreight" truckdriver has more and more problems, to pass our street.


We got our first MAX 6000 DC within these huge boxes

Some older pictures from US items here at our location

Jan 2003

Professional equipment is arriving every two months. Sometimes it is close to the limit, we can handle. These units are the Berkeley / Fore / Marconi ESX 4800 and they are some kind of heavy.

But these units are absolutely high tech. More background on the dedicated pages.

Dec. 2002

Many MAX4000 routers are sleeping in strange stockrooms and waiting to be used. We got over sixty E1 MAXen in the last month in allmost new condition.


So if any of you needs one for redundancy ore spare, we can help with MAX 1800/2000/4000/6000 and modem cards. If you are from Europe and you like to have one for a short period only, you may look to (But this web is fully German.)

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