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This page is for our international partners.

To see something more about our business, we did collect pictures and texts from our other webs (news- pages) onto this page and the following pages.

For any requests :

  • RDE German Headquarters : + 49 611 502051

We are guests from UTI Airfreight Worldwide

close to the San Francisco intl. airport.

The really huge warehouse ( 80.000 square- meters ) is located in South San Francisco CA 94080.

And if you need any support for intl. export in any case, you should call Bill de Wolfe (650) 588 9477. Thats our partner inside the UTI SFO operation. He was very helpful all the last years and we can strongly recommend to contact him with all of your intl. shipping problems. And he knows the people on the other side of the Altlantic Ocean.

April 2005 (German economy is still slowing down)

Sales did decrease inside Germany, so we did more carefully buy high-end switches, Compaq servers and big carrier routers as before.


Here you see, what was collected since January 2005.



Now all our stuff ist well compressed and packed from our agent Rainer and his friends. So again four or five pallets are ready for overseas shipment to Germany.

News from Germany :

In the meanwhile we got over 30 of fully equipped Ascend / Lucent (E1) MAX TNT´s.


The MAX TNT ist the former top model of the Ascend line of high performance access routers. The MAX TNT can handle up to 760 ISDN calls or up to nearly 900 modem calls.


These MAX TNT´s are available for the EMEA market.


All not E1 dependent spare-boards are collected from the US market.


We are running the almost only one of the very rare professional english knowledge webs for Ascend  / Lucend MAX Products.

Mid of 2007 - German economy is slightly recovering

It was a hard time in 2004 to 2006, when everything was burning off, many bankrupcies, even large firms and terrible decisions within our German gouvernment. It takes revenge, when all people are talking and thinking about enjoyment, pleasure, pension, entertainment and other funny jokes.

Nobody does think about being busy, making money, producing something and creating value inside the country. The Chinese will do that, that is the common answer.

But ? Who pays this ??


Growing up to 11% unemployed people in Germany in 2006, they did start to wake up and do something, okay, very little steps, but better than nothing.


So do'nt beleave the press and the (German- and US-) tv news, they tell the dreams and not the current reality, it is like well known soap operas, they beleave in dreams.


The news from Germany in Sept. 2008.

Now we have Sept. 2008 and the US Wallstreet did collaps. Large mistakes must be paid by the US citizens and all people with round about 800 Billion Dollars.


And nobody is responsiblble. What a joke !!! Lehmann Brothers has died, because it was almost foreign money, but this trick is striking back now.


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