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Hi, here you are at RDE Network Systems in Germany.

Sorry for the German language, but originally our web-site has been designed for our German customers. In early 2001 there was a need to translate the pages part by part. Some pages of our technical web did start in English.


We do undestand English very well, so please contact us. (goto e-mail). RDE was founded in May 1974 in Wiesbaden West Germany.


RDE Network Systems is a professional network systems house since Mai 1981.


Its newer division Internet Provider Wiesbaden is a local intranet and internet systems integrator and ISP since late 1996. We are running a high performance business pop on a very high level of access speed. We do serve business partners only - no private customers. Our location is in Wiesbaden (within the Frankfurt area of Germany) very close to the Frankfurt airport (= Rhein Main Airbase).

We did prepare some international info to show some more details about our company here in Germany and our US office and US warehouse.


To see something more about our international engagement, click here.

The legal name (and our company address for all shipments) is :

RDE Technische Vertriebs GmbH

Kirchbornstraße 2

D-65191 Wiesbaden - Bierstadt / Germany


We have new enhanced payment help and instructions for our EU customers. Please have a look here.

Here is a very simple map of Germany,

to give you an idea, where we are located.


This is the new German map (after 1990) of both parts of Germany, the smaller right side was formerly known as East Germany and the larger left side was the well known West Germany.


Before II WorldWar, there was a another part eastern from the very right border, which is part of the current polish territory.

Office hours from 10.oo to 16.oo (German time from Monday to Friday)

In case of absence of our office staff, the phone is forwarded automatically to our mobile phone. But you may use e-mail or fax.


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